1. When people think of the spring they usually think of love, so i assume that Fitzgerald use winter as an image of how his love life went wrong.
2. At eleven, Judy Jones was spoiled and wealthy


Winter Dreams

  1. What is the significance of the title? Why do you think Fitzgerald used “winter” and not “spring” or “fall” in the title? In what ways do the seasons affect Dexter’s outlook on life? When people think of the spring they think of love, so I assume that Fitzgerald used winter as an image of how his love life went wrong.
  2. Describe Judy Jones at the age of eleven. How do you feel about her treatment of the nurse? At eleven, Judy Jones was a spoiled and self-centered kid. Her family was very wealthy which made her a brat.
  3. Why do you think Dexter quit? Dexter quit because he saw Judy Jones being rude to her nurse and he did want anything like that to happen to him.
  4. How had Dexter’s perception of Judy changed in part II? He no longer saw her as a stuck up brat. He began to fall in love with her.
  5. What is the significance of the tune coming from the piano?The piano tune reminded Dexter of his past years when he didn’t have money.
  6. Describe the adult Judy Jones. What kind of person is she? Do you know anyone like her? Adult Judy Jones doesn’t get everything handed to her like young Judy. She loses her attractiveness and is married to a man that doesn’t treat her right.
  7. How did Dexter justify Judy’s lying to him? How? Dexter claims that Judy lied to him to spare his feelings.
  8. Compare Dexter’s view of autumn in part IV with his view the beginning of the story. Why do you think the views differ? In the beginning of the story Dexter believed that Judy was the one for him, but now he realizes that she is not the girl for him.
  9. Discuss the significance of the description of the Jones’s house at the end of part IV. The house was a normal house, with not spectacular about it. This was the opposite of how Dexter felt about Judy.
  10. Interpret the following sentences: “The dream was gone. Something had been taken from him.” In the beginning, Dexter fell in love with Judy but she left him and he realized that he lost her, his dream.

21. Compound- complex sentence: “His heart tuned over like the flywheel of the boat, and for the second time, her casual whim gave a new direction to his life.”

Periodic sentence: “Dealer put on his bathing suit and swam off to the farthest part, where he stretched dripping wet on the canvas of the springboard.”


William Root Assessment/The Life and Death of Edgar Allen Poe Assessment

1. William Root Assessment

  • The Root family were a very religious family. As a result they would always save their fancy parlor for Sunday dinners. Also on Sundays, the kids were only allowed to play with religious toys.
  • Mr. Root moved to Marietta in August 1839 to open his drug store. He was one of Marietta’s first merchants. Being that the Roots had 4 slaves, 2 men and 2 women, the men would often help Mr. Root with the shop while the women cooked, cleaned, and watched the kids.
  • Back in 1845 , there was no electrical lighting, which meant the Roots had to be careful with decor. Also, plumbing hadn’t been heard of, so when taking baths the family had to use the same water as the person before them, starting with Mr. Root.
  • The Roots were classified as a middle-class family, meaning they weren’t poor, but also not the richest. All of the furniture and décor was pretty simple except for the parlor. Being a middle-class family, meant that they couldn’t afford to have many clothes. Everyone had two sets of clothing, one for everyday wear and the other for church on Sunday.
  • The boys would often play outside and usually barefoot. Every night after playing outside the boys would have to get water out of the well for their foot bath. Meanwhile, girls weren’t allowed to play outside barefoot, they couldn’t even show their ankles.

2. The Life and Death of Edgar Allen Poe Assessment:

  1. There isn’t much history about Poe’s father because he left while Poe was at a really young age. However, Poe’s mom was a well known actress in the community, but died of Tuberculosis when Poe was 3.
  2. Poe was 3 years when his mother died of Tuberculosis.
  3. Before Poe was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Allen, he and his siblings were split into different foster homes.
  4. Mr. and Mrs. Allen took in Poe. Poe and Mrs. Allen grew to have a nice relationship, but Mr. Allen wasn’t nice to Poe at all.
  5. Poe went to the University of Virginia. He had a bad experience in college because he was low on money and college wasn’t really safe back then.
  6. Poe married his 13 year old cousin Virginia.
  7. Poe didn’t a very successful business life. He didn’t make a lot of money from his writing, so he started writing newspapers and later got fired.
  8. His wife died of Tuberculosis just like his mom, and she suffered for 5 years before dying.
  9. Poe’s poem, The Raven, brought him to fame. He only made $13 dollars for the poem.
  10. He wrote a poem entitled Annabelle Lee for his wife.

Letter to John Quincy Adams

Marcus Butts

AP Lang.


Abigail Adams wrote a letter to her son John Quincy Adams, who is traveling abroad with his father, John Adams, a United States diplomat and later the country’s second president. In the letter, Abigail uses many rhetorical strategies including repitition, anaphora, and a metaphor. The purpose of the letter is to advise her son that he should be careful about his actions.

One of the first rhetorical strategies i boycotted was repitition. A couple of times, through out the letter, she repeats the two words “my son.” While reading this letter I assumed that she used repetition on these two words to remind him of her role in his life. In life, your mother is always someone you obey and listen to, so her advice to John was taken very seriously.

As i read through this passage, another rhetorical strategy I found was an anaphora, which is the repetition of a word or a phrase. I think that Abigail specifically put emphasis on the words “I” and “you”. Her motive behind the repetition of these words was to show that he is the person who has to make careful choices. This letter was made so she could deliver advice to her son. 

The final rhetorical strategy i was able tk spot was a metaphor. Abigail uses a metaphor, in the third paragraph, that she heard from an author. The metaphor compared a “judicious traveler to a river, that increases its stream the further it flows from its source.” I can only imagine that after John Quincy Adams reads this metaphor he knew exactly whaf is mother was talking about. 

In this letter, Abigail Adams uses alot of rhetorical strategies to deliver advice to her son, John Quincy Adams. He is traveling the sea with his dad and is probably in need of some assistance. John is more prone to listen to his mother and he will take everything she says seriously, which makes more sense for this letter to come from her. She enhanced the situation by writing this letter to her son.

Oscar Wilde’s Disobedience

Oscar Wilde, I assume, has written lots of quotes in his lifetime, but this is the only one I’ve seen and I can only imagine its the best one. “Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is man’s original virtue. It is through disobedience that progress has been made, through disobedience and through rebellion.” When reading the quote I can’t help but think about all of the things disobedience and rebellion effected. Without disobedience in the world, people would never be able to learn and grow; which would show no type of change.

Last semester, I learned from my World History class that during the French Revolution the people felt the need to rebel against the government. Eventually, they overthrew the monarchy. Causes of the French Revolution could be debated as Seven Years War or the American Revolutionary War. Another example also expressed in World History is the life of Adolf Hitler. Earlier in his life, when he fought in WWI with Nazi Germany as a Führer, his side surrendered due to lack of men and weapons, but Hitler was livid when he found out that his team surrendered. He thought the world would see Germany as a weak country, but more importantly, he didn’t want to seem weak himself. As a rebellious act, he began strictly dictating Germany to gain fear and respect.

I fully agree with Oscar on this quote. Disobedience is man’s original virtue, it is one of the main ways we learn in this world. Disobedience can easily be misused in any circumstances, and most students are disobedient every day at school. Being disobedient to rules that can help keep you safe at school is not the right way to use it. I can help but to imagine the world with no disobedience; where every on could do everything perfectly, leaving no room to learn.

While writing this paper, I learned that disobedience isn’t a bad thing. Yes, it could be used inappropriately, but that is what helps us learn. As human beings, we should all be allowed to stand for what believe and to have a right to our opinions. We shouldn’t have to answer to anyone. If given the chance to speak my mind to any authorities I will proudly say, “I am a disobedient human being.”

Crucible Ending Rewrite


Each and every one in Salem had a reputation that could determine his or her fate in the play. I chose to tamper with the fate of Abigail. To be more specific , I chose to end her life, which means in the process her reputation got tainted. Abigail was big on her reputation and she always put it first, even over John. In my rendition, this also meant witchcraft would come to an end. Though she was obviously the root of the witchcraft in the play , she, at several times, always seemed to make herself seem innocent. Throughout this entire time period of the witch trials , Abigail’s actions were constantly motivated by her jealousy and hatred of Elizabeth Proctor. This was the case, mostly because she wanted to be with John Proctor, but John didn’t want to be with her.


Reverend Parris’s niece, 17 year old Abigail Williams, was the servant of the Proctors before Elizabeth Proctor found out about the affair between John Proctor and Abigail. In a revengeful  act Abigail immediately starts spreading rumors, about Elizabeth, throughout the town. She starts to accuse her of witchcraft due t her resentful mind. In the pay, John tried to get Mary to confess all of the sins of Abigail; including dancing in the woods. In court Abigail is confronted, but again she lies and convinces the court Mary is using witchcraft in the form of a bird.


In act 3 of The Crucible, the judge questions Martha Corey in hopes to get her to confess to witchcraft. Giles Corey tries to help by interfering with the statement; they are only creating these accusations because they want Thomas Putnam’s land. Giles then gets threaten for interrupting in the court. John gets Mary to confess to Danforth that all of the girls are frauds. John gave Danforth the petition, he got 91 people to sign, as evidence for the witchcraft case. The petition cleared Elizabeth Proctor, Rebecca Nurse and Martha of witchcraft. Parris, then, gives the idea to question all 91 people who sign the petition.


Giles Corey is placed under arrest for given the source of the information when asked. John Proctor gives Danforth Mary’s evidence, then Danforth takes her into questioning. While Mary is being questioned Danforth asked her if John force her to testify, but she replied no. Abigail is called into court and is accused, by Mary, of witchcraft. Abigail denies it all. Judge Hawthorne, Parris, and Danforth finds Abigail guilty of witchcraft and forcing there o work for her. Abigail is imprisoned and tortured for answers she won’t confess. Weeks later Abigail dies of starvation in jail.


Abigail’s death brought the hysteria of witchcraft to an end. John Proctor, Rebecca Nurse, Martha Corey, and others are allowed to stay alive and live their normal life, except for John Proctor. He and Elizabeth separate due to issues caused by the affair. This rewrite surely changes the theme of redemption. In the end John, Rebecca, and Martha all get redeemed and a second chance at life.

AP Language & Compsition

Assignment #1
Words, Words, Words!

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

Hate does not fix hate, but love can.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a baptist minister and an activist who was a leader in the Civil Rights Movement. Based on christian beliefs, he used a nonviolent civil disobedience for an advancement in civil rights, this is what he was famous for.

The words that are important in this quote are Darkness and Hate, and Light and Love. the reason these words are so important is because he uses Darkness as a symbol of Hate, and he used Light as a symbol of Love. This is truly a quote we need to all follow, that is why it is so important to me. I try my best to lie by this quote day by day, because living life with hate isn’t a great thing.